Welcome to BikeVault.

An Intermediate BikeVault
BikeVault is a secure motorcycle storage facility located close to central Auckland. It is housed in an underground bunker, where owners have a variety of space options available, depending on their requirements and budget.

What are the benefits of keeping my motorcycle at the BikeVault?
  • Maximum security 24/7 
  • Safe environment - dehumidified, monitored sprinklers and smoke alarms, dust free.
  • Servicing facilities for DIY
  • Professional servicing workshop on site so no need to take your bike anywhere for servicing
  • Minimize partner/family aggravation by removing your bike from the home environment
What are the opening hours?
7.30am – 10 pm 7 days

How do I inspect the facility?
Contact us directly and make a time to suit

When can I move my bike in?
Right Now!

What are the storage options?
    Single or multiple bike storage in a safe, secure environment at a reasonable fee. Includes a locker for riding gear storage.
    Ideal for one or two bikes with storage shelving for gear and equipment.
    Ideal for two or three bikes with storage shelving for gear and equipment with room for a storage locker. Work bench provided.
    Storage for a small collection of bikes or suitable as a race team headquarters and workshop. Shelves and work bench provided.
Starter 2 BikeVault
What will it cost me?
Packages start from $100 per month (+ GST )

Click here for the vault types plan


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